Sunday, 13 September 2015

Just Imagine this,,, What Should Be Done Then,,,

Globally we are suffering from energy poverty, as one of the most pressing issues of this
 century. It’s a problem of technology, infrastructure, economics, culture, and politics – and it impacts over a billion people in most of developing countries like Tanzania.

Considering energy as the key tool for development of any country in the world, reliable energy availability will push the economy of any country. Many sectors such as agriculture, industries, education, and other production activities depends on energy. Most of the world’s countries use fossil fuels such as oil products, nuclear, coal as the sources of energy which is expensive and produces carbon and sulphur gases which are harmful to the environment. 

Since energy is a vital input on economic growth and due to over-exploitation causes the fossil fuel to deplete as the results increase environment protection costs. It is estimated that about 1.3 billion of the world’s population have no access to electricity (reliable sources of energy), talking about Tanzania one of the developing country in East Africa, 70+% of the population have no access to national grid electricity. That being the case, there is large population out there are suffering from energy challenges simply because the energy demand exceeds the energy produced or the current sources of energy used is more expensive in such a way that poor people can’t afford.

Dream Line Energy (DLE) is the start-up company coming up with sustainable energy solution to our communities (by making effective utilization of solar energy) bring to new opportunities to the society i.e. Save cost of lighting (buying of kerosene) eliminates indoor pollution and fire accidents by eliminating kerosene lamps, improve health and education of the community by providing clean energy where by children can study after dark, clinics and health centers can store life-saving vaccines, also creation of employment opportunities, new businesses, cut on carbon emissions to the atmosphere due to reduction of using fossil fuel.
Countries can grow more resilient, competitive economies via enables businesses to grow and raising the living standard of the communities.
Having sustainable energy, countries can leapfrog over the limits of the energy systems of the past and build the clean energy economies of the future.
 Dream Line Energy, 
"You Imagine, We Make It Happen!!" 
Welcome and let change the world together.

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