Thursday, 19 November 2015

"It's Abundant, It's Affordable, It's Sustainable!!"


"It's Abundant"
Solar energy is everywhere. You may not be
able to dig a coal mine or oil well in your back yard, but with DREAM LINE ENERGY you will be able to harness nature’s highest source of power.
The sun sends enough energy to Earth each hour to meet human energy demands for an entire year! It’s the world’s most abundant and accessible source of energy.
"It's Affordable"
Any serious, long-term global energy source must be scalable. Fossil fuels are generally supply constrained: as demand goes up, so do prices. With solution provided by DREAM LINE ENERGY, it’s the exact opposite, as demand goes up, prices tend to go down!
As we are using solar panel to solve energy challenges in our communities, the solar industry’s learning curve has been unprecedented. For the last 30 years, each doubling in global solar panel production has led to a roughly 25% reduction in solar panel prices!
"It's Sustainable"
How do we want to leave the Earth for our children?
Silicon solar panels generate electricity without noise or emissions, and are comprised almost entirely of recyclable materials (like silicon, silver, and aluminum). In addition, solar (photovoltaic) panels do not require water for operation, critically important for sustainable communities around the world with long term life without being replaced.

Start with DREAM LINE ENERGY to change the world by delivering the most friendly energy solution to the communities!!

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